Center Referee Only$150 per match
Team of Three (Center plus two Assistant Referees)$250 per match
Assistant Referees (including #4s and other sideline officials)$50 per official per match
  • A collection fee of $5.00 per match will be assessed to teams in leagues requiring SCRRS to collect fees.
  • League matches paid in advance (by Dec. 31) will not be charged a collection fee.
  • Late notice referee requests within 7 days incurs a $50 penalty. 5)
  • Late payment fee =10%, assessed every 30 days from the date of invoice.


Standard 15s tournament$100 per team entered (per day)
7s tournament – referee only$25 per match
7s tournament – assistant referees$12.50 per match ($25 for 2 ARs)
7s tournament – in-goal judges$12.50 per match ($25 for 2 IGJ)

Requirements for tournaments:

  • Online referee request form must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to event, outlining number of anticipated teams, matches, fields, who the point of contact is, location, and times.  Any request received with less than 14 days’ notice will be charged double the standard rate.
  • Number of teams and matches must be finalized with SCRRS Executive Committee (,,, no later than 09h00 on Wednesday before event.  Failure to do so may result in SCRRS withdrawing from the tournament.
  • Each tournament will have a referee manager assigned to it where he/she will track all matches and coordinate all assignments, and will be SCRRS’ POC on the day.
  • Effective June 1, 2018, SCRRS will no longer offer the “pay in advance” discount
  • Invoices will be generated and submitted to event organizer shortly after the tournament concludes, and payment will be due 30 days following the event.  A 5% late payment fee will be assessed for every 30 days past the tournament date.
  • While we make every effort to assign local referees, there are times when we need to lodge referees overnight due to the distance they are traveling based on need and availability.  This likely applies to Midnight 7s, Beaumont 7s, Grunions 7s, TriTip 7s.  We’ll look for the most practical and economical options available, and will add the cost to the invoice.  
  • Referees will require shade, water, and lunch.  
  • Priority will be given to established Tournaments (occurring on the same weekend for five years or more) and those approved by SCRFU or the GCCIR.  Currently blocked off is the first weekend (CSULB 15s) and second weekend (Scrum by the Sea, Unicorns) in November.