Payments & Reimbursements

  1. Center Adult assignment = $125 (to be paid by home team prior to kickoff via cash, check, or electronic payment).
  2. AR / #4 = $50 (to be paid by home team prior to kickoff).
  3. Coach/ Evaluator (with submitted report) = $75 (to be reimbursed by SCRRS upon claim).
  4. CIPP reimbursement: Members may request to be reimbursed from SCRRS after 3 completed assignments).
  5. SCRRS Membership fee = $5/year, payable to SCRRS prior to match assignment (for Regular Members).
  6. 15’s Tournament assignments, referees may claim $125 for full day, $75 for half day (to be reimbursed by SCRRS).
  7. 7’s Tournaments, referees may claim 30 per game and ARs may claim $20 per game (to be reimbursed by SCRRS).

Mileage will not be paid for tournaments or match assignments. If single match assignment requires over 100 miles round trip travel, mileage may be claimed at $0.25 per mile. Mileage reimbursements will be paid mid-year and end of year for those requested and approved. EC and/or scheduler may nullify mileage reimbursement based on pre-match agreement with referee.


All courses, except for the Intro to Refereeing Level 1 course, are reimbursed after successful completion of the course with proof of the successful completion of the course sent to Secretary and Treasurer.

Level 1 course is reimbursed after 5 SCRRS-assigned matches or equivalent.

Please use the Non-Match reimbursement form, once you’ve met the requirements for reimbursement.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Reimbursements should be submitted on a regular basis
  • If you do not submit your reimbursement within 30 days after the month end, your reimbursement will NOT be paid.  Example: for all the games you referee in January, you have until the end of February to submit your payment request.  For all submissions after…thank you very much for your donation to the SCRRS.
  • Only SCRRS Assigned Matches are eligible for Reimbursements
    • For 7’s tournaments, you will only be eligible to receive per diem payment if you register online for the tournament and are assigned to the tournament roster.
  • All 15’s reimbursement requests must be received no later than June 15th.
  • All 7s reimbursement requests must be received no later than November 30th.
  • All referees must complete a W9 and submit to SCRRS Treasurer if you want to be reimbursed and paid.

For any financial/reimbursement related questions, contact Treasurer Neville Smeda at

  • To submit for a match reimbursement please complete a Match Reimbursement form.
  • For reimbursements for expenses not related to an assigned match please fill out a Non-Match Reimbursement form.

The Treasurer will review your payment request.  If all requirements are met, you may be paid via check or PayPal within 2-4 weeks of submitting your request.


W-9 (blank)