Request a Referee

Request a referee for a non-league match for Adult or Collegiate,  men or women.  Give us information on upcoming Tournaments.  Fill out the online form to inquire about availability.  Please submit your request as far in advance as possible; 2 weeks is the minimum. Any requests coming in under the 2-week minimum will be subject to double-referee fees.

Note that only SCRRS may assign referees to ANY adult match within the geographical region, and will not be done without submission through the online request form.

Please Read:  All player and teams must have current registration with USA Rugby and be up to date with SCRRS fees.  No exceptions!  If you want to play in the pre-season, register your team.  This applies to matches and tournaments.

If you have made special arrangements with a specific referee, please make notation of that on the submission.

Your request will be received and if it all makes sense, will be posted on the Assignments table and will go through the assignment process.   Approved Tournaments will appear on our site with signup.  Please make sure that your website and that your contact information with your governing body is accurate such that the assigned referee(s) can find you.  The assigned referee(s) can be found and contacted via information on this site’s Referee Contact list.

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